A doppelganger posing as a dwarf.


Kellar is a dwarf who is not what he seems. He is in fact an evil doppelganger who meets the party in Fallcrest and is trying to lure them into the dungeon beneath town.

When the party enters the The Riverbank Inn they are greeted by Kellar. He brings them over to a table in a corner bathed in shadow and quietly explains that he is an assistant to the mayor of Fallcrest who is seeking adventurers to sort out a recent problem.

The Quest: Goblin Hunters

The problem, he states, is that a band of goblins has recently taken to raiding the town and kidnapping people. He thinks they may be appearing from the cellar of a house in town which leads to a series of old tunnels beneath the town in which the goblins are hiding and keeping their captives.



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