Miss Annie

The owner and operator of The Riverbank Inn.


Annie is a friendly and helpful woman who runs the only Inn in Fallcrest.

If questioned by PCs she will be forthcoming with her knowledge of town events, so long as they are polite. Because she runs the main drinking house she is very well versed in the goings on around town and is something of a gossip.

  • She knows of the goblin raids but does not know where they are coming from. Although they have not attacked the Inn yet, one of her employees, a girl, has been kidnapped.
  • If asked about Kellar she will state that she has seen him around town for several weeks now and that he often comes to the Inn at night to drink. She has heard that he works for the mayor, although she has never seen them together.
  • The mayor does not often come in to drink.
  • She is currently the only person running The Riverbank Inn and as such is very busy most nights and when the party first meets her.
  • If/when the adventurers return to the town from the dungeons she will immediately ask for news. And when told of or asked about Kellar will say that he never returned to his room at the Inn the previous night and further, that there were no personal belongings in the room when she went up to clean.

Miss Annie

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