The town in which the adventurers begin.

It is a sleepy hamlet on the banks of the White River, hardly more than a collection of houses and an Inn – The Riverbank Inn. Beneath the town lies a dungeon which is being used as a hideout by a band of goblins.

The Dungeons

  • The goblins make their way into town through the cellar of an abandoned house on the edge of town next to a small wood. The house is practically falling down, but the cellar doors around the back appear to be in good condition and show signs of recent use.


  • The population of the village currently sits around 100 humans and halflings and has been in steady decline over the years.
  • Most villagers are farmers or traders doing what they can to get by, although most are poor.
  • The only places of interest are The Riverbank Inn, the run-down house which leads to the dungeon, and The Mayor’s House
  • The only people of interest are Kellar, Miss Annie, and Jonn Stillton


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